Monday, May 9, 2011

Low and Clear

Thursday was one of the nicest days I have seen in South Park in a long time. Not a cloud in the sky, mid 60 degree temps and even the wind was pretty light. The fishing wasn't too bad either. I guided a gentleman from Denver who certainly knew his way around a fly rod and we had as much fun as a beautiful day like that deserves. We spent the morning on the "Dream Stream;" the water was very low and clear which made fishing tough, but we still managed to find one really nice fish.

In the afternoon we made our way over to the Tomahawk lease on the middle fork of the South Platte. At 25 cfs runoff has definitely not hit this stretch yet, and it was also very low and clear. But that didn't seem to bother the fish much. After eating a quick lunch we hit the river just in time to catch a descent BWO hatch and hooked several fish on dry flies. As the surface activity slowed down a dropper added to the bend of the dry accounted for much of the action. Eventually we finished off the day nymphing the deep runs and pools with a Pheasant Tail and a Nuclear Egg and the fish started slamming the egg. We had a ton of fun and hooked a bunch of fish, all while enjoying a beautiful Colorado spring day.

If you're on the fence about taking a guide trip, now is the time before runoff blows the rivers out.

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