Sunday, August 9, 2009

Getting ready

Hey everybody. I'm getting ready to take off on a month long trip from Colorado to British Columbia. I decided to throw a blog together so people can follow me along my trip and keep in touch with me while I'm on the road.

The first leg of my trip starts Thursday August 13th, when I'll be leaving Denver and heading towards Jackson Wyoming. When I get to the Jackson area I'll be meeting up with a couple good friends and fishing some small streams for wild Snake River Finespot Cutthroats. The word is the Green Drakes should be hatching pretty heavily by now and we should be in for some kick ass dry fly fishing.

From Jackson I'll be winding my way up through Idaho and Montana before meeting up with my sister for a day or two in Glacier National Park, and then finally onto British Columbia and the rivers of the Skeena system to swing some flies for giant wild Steelhead.

The next few days before hitting the road are going to be a total scramble to get everything ready. I'm finishing work on 3 new bamboo rods that I'll take with on the trip. The first rod is an 8' 5 weight rod, called "The Neversink." This baby is ready to put into the dip tube for its first coat of varnish any minute now. Next is my favorite 7'6" 4 weight, "The Big Creek". Right now I have both of the tips ready to get their first dipped coat of varnish, and the butt is waiting to be wrapped. The third rod is an 8' 7 weight that will hopefully be my single hand Steelhead rod. I can already picture using this rod to skate dry flies to aggressive fall Steelhead on the Bulkley or the Kispiox. It might take a bit of a miracle to get this rod done though, as it is just out of the string. I'm hoping to get into the machine shop tomorrow to make a set of ferrules and a reelseat for it. If I can get that done I'll be fitting the ferrules and gluing up a grip tomorrow night and if all goes well I can get it wrapped and into the dip tank by Wednesday night.

Here's the Rods

On top of the rod building I still need to get everything organized and tie a ton of flies. Like I said, it's going to be a serious scramble, but the trip is worth the preparation.

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